Disclosure log: 2011


Subject matter


Date received: 09 February 2011

  1. What has been British Transport Police Authority’s total contribution to police pensions, on an annual basis?
  2. How many days of injury leave have been taken at British Transport Police Force, on an annual basis?
  3. How many days of sick leave have been taken at British Transport Police Force, on an annual basis?
  4. How much has been spent on consultants and contractors by British Transport Police Force, on an annual basis?
  5. How many officers are there at each rank (police constable, sergeant, inspector, chief inspector, superintendent, chief superintendent, assistant chief constable and deputy chief constable) at British Transport Police Force, on an annual basis?

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Date received: 28 February 2011

  1. Age profile of BTPA Executive staff
  2. BTPA Executive staff with disclosed disability.

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Date received: 2 June 2011

  1. What performance measurements and diagnostic indicators do you currently (June 2011) use to hold the police force to account?
  2. Do you have any plans to change these? If so, when and how?

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Date received: 16 August 2011

  • Please send copies of the Strategic Review of the BTP and BTP’s Futures Programme.

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Date received: 28 July 2011

  1. Please may you disclose a full list of transactions you have made in each of the last three financial years for any Macintosh or Apple computers, Mac laptops, iPhones, iPods or iPads of any generation or model.
  2. For each transaction, please specify how much of each product was purchased, at what cost and for which department.

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Date received: 20 October 2011

  1. How many police officers in your authority retired in (a) 2010/2011; (b) 2009/10; and (c) 2008/9?
  2. How many of the police officers in your authority who were promoted (including temporary promotion) in a. 2010/11 b. 2009/10 c. 2008/9 Had 28 or more years of pensionable service?
  3. How many (a) active members; (b) deferred members and (c) pensioners; did you have in your police officer pension schemes (including both the Police Pension Scheme and the New Police Pension Scheme) in (a) 2010/2011; (b) 2009/10; and (c) 2008/9?
  4. How many pensioners on the Police Pension Scheme ceased (through becoming deceased or otherwise) being on the pension scheme in (a) 2010/2011; (b) 2009/10; and (c) 2008/9?
  5. What was the average age of retirement for police officers in your authority in (a) 2010/2011; (b) 2009/10 and (c) 2008/9?
  6. How many civilians employed in 2010/11 were retired officers (from yours or any other force in the UK)?
  7. In 2010/11 what was your total expenditure on pension and what proportion of the pension scheme contributions in your authority was made up for by: a. employer contributions? b. employee contributions? c. Home Office top-up? d. any other source?
  8. Please provide the number of retired officers who receive the capped pension pay-out allowance of £123,600/year as per regulation G1(1A) of the Police Pensions Regulations 1987 and if any pension pay-out exceeded this amount.

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Date received: 2 December 2011

  1. How many staff were paid via the PAYE system last month?

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