Disclosure log: 2010


Subject matter


Date received: 05 February 2010

The lease start date, lease expiry date, lease break date if applicable, area occupied under the lease (in either square metres or square feet), and the number of employees for the following office: The Forum, 5th Floor North, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG

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Date received: 27 February 2010

Please confirm whether or not in the last 3 years a police authority panel has been convened as a result of a request from a Chief Constable to, hear a case to decide whether a police officer should be dismissed as a result of an allegation of having an incompatible business interest under section 7 police regulations 2003. If so what was the business interest and what was the result.

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Date received: 05 May 2010

  1. What was the total cost of running your police authority in the financial year 2009-2010? You refer to the bill for running the authority, not the budget BTPA handles on behalf of the force.
  2. Who is the chair of your police authority and how many times did he/she meet with your force’s chief constable/commissioner/most senior officer in post during that period (financial year 2009-10)?

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Date received: 06 May 2010

  • The source of funding is for BTP;
  • To whom its use of funds is accountable;
  • How its accounts are professionally and independently audited, and
  • To whom do the BTPA Members report.

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Date received: 12 May 2010

A copy of funding and where the spend is allocated for 2010/2011

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Date received: 14 June 2010

How do you procure construction consultancy services and contractors?

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Date received: 01 July 2010

Do the Chief Constable’s objectives include a target for the number of arrests made. If so what is the current target for number of arrests.

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Date received: 13 September 2010

  1. What psychological support services available to police staff?
  2. Any provision for mandatory counselling for police officers?
  3. How did the Police Authority spend on psychology / counselling support during 2009/10?

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Date received: 27 September 2010

  1. a breakdown of all expense claims by Policy Authority members for the last 3 years, ordered by individual claimant
  2. a breakdown of the attendance at all Police Authority meetings for the last 3 years, by member and by date of meeting
  3. the total size in £millions of your Usable Revenue Reserve & Usable Capital Reserve for the last three years

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Date received: 07 October 2010

  1. The introductory note submission our organisation made to its lead Government Minister since the Coalition Government took office on 12 May.
  2. The number of staff employed by our organisation on 12 May
  3. The number of staff employed by our organisation on 6 October
  4. Any submissions made to government departments on the effects of budget cuts on our organisation
  5. Any notices given to trade union, or employee representatives, regarding staffing cuts to our organisation
  6. Any notices of re-arranged pension arrangements for staff.
  7. Details of any subscriptions to online news outlets such as Politics Home, The Times, The Sun, News of the World etc.
  8. Any submissions made by our organisation in the run up to the Comprehensive Spending review.
  9. How many times the Chief Executive of our organisation has met with a Government Minister since 12 May, including the nature and location for any such meetings.
  10. A copy of our organisation’s travel policy – in particular in respect of planes, trains and cars.
  11. The number of properties (a) owned, and (b) leased by our organisation.

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Date received: 15 October 2010

The total number of (a) letters and (b) emails sent by members of the public to the Police Authority in the last 3 years (2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10)

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Date received: 26 October 2010

Please provide me with a high-resolution portrait-style photograph of each of your members.

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Date received: 19 November 2010

A copy of the 2010/11 policing plan.

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Date received: 26 November 2010

  1. Number of personnel both uniformed & civilian and Fulltime and Part-time on the Authority payroll;
  2. Number of personnel fulltime and part-time within the authorities HR Department;
  3. Annual payroll cost for the HR Department employees inclusive of any pension and benefits contributions;
  4. Number of personnel fulltime and part-time within the authorities IT Department;
  5. Annual payroll cost for the IT Department employees inclusive of any pension and benefits contributions;
  6. Annual IT Department budget;
  7. Organisation structure chart for both the authorities HR & IT Departments.

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Date received: 14 December 2010

Any correspondence (i) received by your organisation directly from ministers, or their offices, and (ii) sent to ministers, or their offices, regarding the affect of the (A) Comprehensive Spending Review and (B) Public Bodies Review on your organisation since 12 May 2010.

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