Report My Loss, is now free to the public

Report My Loss is a website allowing the UK public to report lost property, with the information then being placed on the national UK Police system.

Following successful negotiations; this is now free to persons losing property on the UK rail network (including DLR; Trams and Underground); previously this would have cost the individual £3.95.

This new approach to reporting lost property will not only help free call handlers based at contact centres, but will also assist in reducing fraudulent reports, assist in the repatriation of property, increases intelligence and reduce costs to the BTP in the long term.

Report My Loss generates a police reference number that is acceptable to insurance companies.

Guidance when registering

On the website, when asked for the ‘County/Authority in which the property was lost’ you must select ‘UK RAIL NETWORK’ to get the report free and not the geographic area.

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